Our little family of four (soon to be five!) is hanging out on the daily in our hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia. Between raising littles, running this photo business of mine, and living life, we stay busy! But one thing i can tell you is our family is always aiming to live life intentionally each day. Around here community is key and we love our people fiercely. Nothing tops our closest friends around a table with good food, great drinks, and the best conversations.
A notebook addict, self proclaimed foodie (gimme all the local hotspots), a hugger, and one of the biggest encouragers you'll ever meet. 

well hey friend!

I view photography like I view coffee... everyone's is a little bit different, and created just for them. 

I'm a firm believer in connection first.
I want to get to know you, laugh with you, encourage you, obviously take super rad photos of you, and get this - I even want to challenge you. I want our time together - whether you’re a creative here for branding or looking for a couples session - to challenge you to let loose, be confident, have fun and get excited. To trust that I am going to get the best of the best during our time together. I want to cheer you on to love life and choose to live it boldly and live it well. We only get one friends. Let’s make it one hell of a good time.

Love life + live it well

A lot of people say it. I mean it. It’s my favorite beverage whether hot, iced, black, with cream. I like it all and I like it all the time. 


Everything I do is for these babes right here. They are my whole world and then some! 


have a passion for not only their business and vision, but also for the people they serve. Creative entrepreneurs who are world changers. I love working with stellar woman who aren't afraid to dream big, collaborate together, and make some big moves because they have big vision.

Working with Creatives who...

want pictures of their real, authentic, electrifying love and life together. Couples who aren't afraid to act silly, try new things, show a little (or a lot) of PDA, and have some intimate moments together are my fav. I want the realest version of you guys because I promise those are the moments you'll want to look back on.

Working with Couples who...

I love hosting friends turned family and I’m a firm believer good food with great people and rad conversation is one of the best things in the world. We want to be intentional about creating and cultivating real, raw community and relationships in business and in life.  


In this stage of life, free time is limited and cherished! When I'm not working or chasing after our 4 babes, I love to read, give the latest Half Baked Harvest recipe a try, grab my husband and head to a brewery or one of our favorite local spots downtown for some food. 

Spending my free time..

I get my inspiration from all over. The people I meet, places I go, God's amazing creations. I love when my inspiration comes from the fellow creatives I get to work with. Seeing their passion and drive, and their vision coming to life. It's so incredibly inspiration to me.

Creative Inspiration

what fills and fuels me in my everyday

Binge TV show?

New Girl. I die laughing  whenever I have it on. Also.. Jess + Nick forever. 

I'm the worst at phrases

I've learned to just accept it. Ask my closest people and they'll tell you I will mix up most phrases, and think I am 100% saying it right. 

best holiday

Christmas is my all time favorite. I love celebrating Jesus, and I love all tings about this holiday. I'm all about the holly jolly.

a bucket list item

Eat my way through Europe with my hubs. Seriously, it's a dream I take very seriously. Italy and Germany are at the top of the list. 

Making our House a home

Whether is a cozy blanket, our family pillars hung up on our wall, a new recipe for dinner at the table. I love being intentional about what we bring into our house to make it feel so us.

A little extra

because who doesn't love a few fun facts

perfect, let's hang!




feelin' all the good vibes?